6 Tips on How to be Prepared for Your Bridal Appointment

1. Your friends and family

Photographer: Callie Lindsey Photography

Photographer: Callie Lindsey Photography

You’ve been thinking about this day forever and it’s finally here. Trying on wedding dresses is one of the most exciting experiences a woman can have. Bring people with you who will support and love on you through this! Understand that everyone is going to have an opinion, but you’re the one who will be walking down the aisle. Supportive friends and family are essential to any successful dress appointment.


3.  Bridal dress sizes

When it comes to dresses, they run about 2 to 4 sizes up from your typical pants size. The majority of our samples sizes are a 10. Do not


5. Budget decisions

It’s important to know your budget and if there is any wiggle room before you try on gowns. For most brides, this is the biggest thing to consider in purchasing that dream gown. Feel free to openly discuss your budget with your consultant so they can maximize your options in meeting your needs. Don’t forget that your budget should factor in the veil, accessories, and alterations along with the gown to avoid overspending.

2.  What to wear

Wear a nude or white pair of panties! This is usually the last thing you are thinking about the day of your appointment; however, dresses are white and will reveal any polka dots underneath. Also, wear a nude strapless or adhesive bra. Chances are you will be asked to remove the bra because most dresses are supportive enough without one, but in certain cases you may be able to leave it on. 


be offended or alarmed if the dresses don’t fit you perfectly. This day is special, and it’s our bridal consultants job to enhance and accentuate the beauty of your frame in the best way that we can. 


 4. Taking pictures

Pictures are great and we love when you take them; however, we encourage you to make your final decision with the dress on that you love and not based off of a picture. When you choose to make your decision based off a picture, you remove the excitement and wonder from the experience. You may have felt ecstatic when the gown was on, but changed your mind once you looked at the picture. Depending on the lighting, it can throw off the color, beauty, and glimmer of the gown. Taking pictures in natural lighting is a much better option. The best way to capture the experience is to take a video of you in it and loving it.


6. Have fun


It’s totally normal to feel nervous when you come in for your bridal appointment. It’s a brand new experience for you, and it’s our bridal consultant’s job to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. If there is anything that you are concerned about before the appointment, never hesitate to call or email the salon. We are here to listen, give you a memorable experience, and pop champagne with you once you say yes to the dress!